Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Year from Brooke and Heron at the USA / America Dream Journey blog!

It's easy to get annoyed with or caught up in the overexcited commeralistic vibe associated with a new year in America, (watched the ball drop in NYC this year... never seems to be the right or wrong choice for me,) or to be apathetic about a new year or changes at all, but I hope that you all will take time to really orient to what you want to do and what you want to be.

Problems be damned, every chance for a fresh start is a valuable opportunity. As long as we're still breathing we have the opportunity to transform ourselves and the world we share, and make things just a little better. It's all about little steps and staying committed to a task.

So whoever you are and wherever you are, I hope you take as many opportunities as you can to lead the life you really want to live. Don't let time and habits sweep your life out from under you... start somewhere, start today!!!

We're headed back to South Carolina!

First Journey for a New Year

We're heading off on a month-long trip from here in Rhode Island to family in South Carolina, maybe stopping by another family member's house on the way. The van is still not ready for traveling (more posts on that soon!) so we are taking the little sedan and putting it on hold. I prefer driving around in something big for our safety, but hey, at least we'll save on gas?

We'll update with posts of our adventuring and hopefully some comments on what it's like traveling in a car, what different routes are like this time of year... some fun stuff and some useful stuff.

The trip there and back this past summer was awesome and this time we'll have a week to mess around before we get there, and probably some time on the way back too. Stay tuned!

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