Monday, November 28, 2016

Changing Directions: DIY Camper Van

Urban stealth & offgrid dwelling

While we originally planned on a travel trailer under 18' towed by a work van or heavy duty truck, we realized how much more work it would be driving that setup, maintaining it, and especially finding places to park it. Since the last post, we readjusted our plans in the direction of greater mobility and stealth, and lower costs.

We decided to go for a large van instead of a trailer and tow vehicle, inspired by urban stealth living and conversions like this Australian guy who transformed his Sprinter van into a mobile office-living space.

We're still basically operating under the paradigm of "driving around camping," which means that at first, the van may just be an insulated shack with few amenities, only good for non-winter weather and with minimal off-grid comforts- requiring you to stay near other sources of showering, toilet and laundry, and you may have to seek other shelter if you find out your 'off-grid vehicle' doesn't hold up to the cold or severe heat so well!

With items like mobile shower kits or composting toilets, you can enhance your capabilities while adding new costs and responsibilities, and we will continue researching options for hygiene and laundry, etc, as we move along the process.

We're looking for a large, pretty heavy duty van with a long/extended body and preferably a hi-top. Unfortunately a Sprinter is outside of our price range for the base vehicle.

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